Telematics & Tracking

Where have your vehicles been today? Where are they now?

At Westfield we specialise in supplying & fitting vehicle telematics and tracking systems for private individuals, fleet operators, taxi & minibus owners, in fact almost anyone who needs to have visibility of their assets 24/7.


Telematics Systems

Westfield Tracking Screenshot
CarBit 'Plug & Go'

Carbit 'Plug & Go' is a small, highly cost effective telematics unit that will plugs directly into your vehicle OBD-II port.

It delivers up-to-the-minute telematics data and reporting on:

  • speeding events

  • driving score

  • mileage

  • geofence.


Nano is a smart, waterproof tracker that secures to the vehicle battery providing full telematics insights that are all accessible on the Westfield dashboard.

Delivers up-to-the minute telematics data and reporting on:

  • speeding events & driving score

  • mileage

  • geofencing

CarBit (Hard-wired)

By linking directly to your vehicle, Carbit returns a number of real time performance data items such as battery voltage, mileage, coolant temperature and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from the vehicle ECU.


This data is essential to stay ahead of critical maintenance issues and minimises the impact of vehicle downtime.

Our prices include fitting and VAT. Please note that all telematics equipment requires a monthly subscription to enable you to view your data online. Details are available on the relevant product page.

  • Tracking System

    15 min
    50 British pounds