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Updated: Apr 8, 2019

his 720p HD forward facing camera delivers a complete view of vehicles and drivers in front of you. The VTGO112 is small, compact and built with a wide lense and G-shock technology. The VTGO112 helps protect against bogus claims and unjustified driving offence allegations. The VTGO112 is professionally fitted by one of our technicians to the ignition. Meaning the camera is always on when your vehicle is running with no wires on show or posted within the UK mainland. *For more information, please visit our partners If you require the Dash cam without a fitting charge. Click here for free delivery

Book Online VTGO112 Inc 16GB SD CARD 1 hr £114.95 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Westfield have a diverse selection of dashcams

Just go to our site shop and browse the products on offer to you. Why not add telematics tracker to your purchase and save money on your car insurance. Westfield are one of the cheapest on the internet for the OBD Carbit traking system.

Telemetry Carbit is fully certified, features a high sensitivity GPS antenna and robust GPRS module, making this one of the most compact devices on the market. It is also therefore capable of fulfilling detailed telematics reporting including; •Geofence reports •Journey history •Live location •Speeding •Driver score •Business / Private mileage * A Monthly Subscription of £10.00 Per Month is required.

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