Nano is a smart waterproof tracker that secures to the vehicle battery reducing the risk of removal.
Complimented with Bluetooth connectivity and an internal backup battery. The Nano does not
conflict with any existing telemetry solutions already in situ and is equipped with special clamp
connector for fast power cable connection to the car battery. Solid waterproof case and built-in
accelerometer & gyroscope sensors with highly accurate crash data and communicate with our
cloud servers to provide detailed driver behaviour, location and journey data for analysis and
presentation on the fleet dashboard.


This easyfit NANO tracking device is £10 a month for 12 months. Free Postage


Ocular App:

What is Ocular?

The pressure to be aware of fleet activity doesn’t stop when you’re not behind your desk. With Ocular you are able to access key information about your fleet. Have an easier time managing various teams from your iOS or Android smart device regardless of location.

Ocular is the perfect fleet management partner tool which allows for real time updates, live map location tracking, speeding incidents, journeys reports, for entire fleets or individual vehicles. With daily, weekly and monthly reports be able to assess and Improve driver behaviour to optimise business operations with Ocular.


NANO Tracking

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